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We are a professional personal trainer who works with individuals or small groups to help them achieve their fitness goals.

About Rojin Zamanian

I earned my bachelor’s degree in accounting and gained valuable experience working at a reputable firm. Nevertheless, I swiftly discovered that my true passion lied in a different realm. Since the age of 17, I developed a deep fascination for health and fitness, leading me to pursue a career as a personal trainer. My ultimate objective is to empower individuals to feel fantastic about their bodies. Since 2012, my unwavering commitment has been centered around comprehending the most optimal methods for enhancing muscle mass and reducing body fat through specialized training and tailored nutrition plans.

Throughout my journey, I have acquired profound knowledge about Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, which stands out as the foremost method for maximizing workout efficiency. As a dedicated professional, I offer my clients invigorating and high-energy EMS sessions that are tailored to their unique needs. By carefully assessing their goals, I formulate personalized programs that ensure their success in achieving desired outcomes.

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EMS has been proposed as a method to enhance the production of adenosine triphosphate, boost oxygen intake, reduce body fat through enhanced muscle strength, enhance blood circulation, expedite the removal of waste products via the lymphatic system, encourage cell regeneration, and elevate metabolic rate by raising local temperature.